Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP)
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Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP)

A practical Certificate Online Course to help you become an expert in Human Resource Management

57 Weeks

Course Start Date: 5 Jun 2013

This course runs for 57 Weeks



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You have the perfect qualifications, you have the perfect resume and you have the perfect educational degree. Yet you find yourself unemployed. Can you think of a reason? Well, one reason could be that companies prefer hiring trained professionals rather than hiring candidates and training them. This helps them save both their cost and time.

Industry Insights:

If you look at the trends of the past, Human Resource Industry has surely come a long way with a $2 billion growth since 2011. Will you be surprised if we say that it is expected to be an $8.1 billion industry in the next three years?

Yes! The future is going to be the hotbed of HR opportunities in the business world. Are you prepared?

Add the Two Reasons Above:

As we know from above, companies prefer trained individuals, and enrolling in this course provides you that much needed training. This course offers you an ideal chance to get trained at the world class levels, expose your personal brand to hundreds of companies and get an accredited HR certification. Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP) is an Internationally Accredited certification course in Human Resource Management (HRM) with an emphasis on real-time application of the best HR practices.The CHRMP Certification Course ensures you are well versed with the most important areas of knowledge in HR like numerous employment laws. The practical nature of the program ensures that you build mission critical skills needed in the field of Human Resource Management.

Bonus: Avail Resume Making Service worth Rs.1999/- Free with this Online HR Certificate Course.

Course Features: What’s included in this online course?

  • 12 Live Interactive Online Classes.
  • Classes will be held in two formats: - WEEKEND – 10-12 WEEKS – 3 month - Weekend – Classes happen only on Sundays': Sunday- 11:30 AM - 01:30 PM, Classes may extend depending on the need
  • Review and revise with recordings of all the live classes any number of times.
  • You can download the recordings free to view them later.
  • Study Notes and Documents will be shared online for your reference.

Benefits of this Online Certification in HR:

This course offers benefits for various individuals, from fresh graduates to those looking for career enhancement or skill addition.

For Fresh Graduates:

Fresh graduates have a lot to learn about the field of HR and we do our best by offering the following:

  • Complete Overview:CHRMP gives you a quick and thorough overview of various HR Functions
  • Real-world Skills: CHRMP prides itself in absolute practical skills being imparted – you get a peek into the real world
  • Job Ready: A number of MBA graduates in HR join the CHRMP course to get deployable, ready to use skills
  • Great Start:CHRMP is the best way to start your career in HR – you begin your career with thorough grounding in concepts, including real world exposure to IT in HRAccess to Current Knowledge and Trends: CHRMP has been designed by Ripples Learning, a leading organization in the field of Organizational Learning and HRD Consulting. You have access to the latest cutting edge skills in the dynamic world of HR.
  • Excellent Facilitators: You learn from the experienced facilitators of Ripples Learning. These are the same facilitators who regularly conduct training programs for the corporate world, including Fortune 500 companies.

Career Change to HR:

If you are looking to switch-over to a career in HR, you can look forward to the following skills:

  • Crash Course: The CHRMP Certification would help you get quickly acquainted with various aspects of HR
  • Functional Skills: When you pick up a book on HR or aspire for a degree, you enter a world of theory and concepts. CHRMP provides you with an excellent conceptual framework but is grounded in real world functional skills which allow you to hit the ground running
  • Career Change Assistance: You might want to move out of your existing field of IT, Admin, Marketing or Sales etc. Or maybe you took a career break and are eager to get back to work and change your field. Our CHRMP Coaches have assisted hundreds of professionals like you – changing careers or returning to work
  • Updated Knowledge: CHRMP has been designed by Ripples Learning, a leading organization in the field of Organizational Learning and HRD Consulting. You have access to the latest cutting edge skills in the dynamic world of HR.
  • Excellent Facilitators: You learn from the experienced facilitators of Ripples Learning. These are the same facilitators who regularly conduct training programs for the corporate world, including Fortune 500 companies.

Existing HR Professionals

Existing HR Professionals can look forward to the following skills:

  • Industry Validation: CHRMP validates your skills and conceptual thoroughness in current principles and core practices of HR management.
  • Key Differentiator: In a world where every HR professional looks the same as the next one, CHRMP allows you to differentiate yourself, giving you thecutting edge. It makes you competitive.
  • Cross-Functional Exposure: A number of HR professionals feel they are stuck in a particular field of HR, but lack the know-how to transition into another area of HR. CHRMP builds your overall skill in the entire field of HR. You can leverage on CHRMP to open up new vistas of opportunity for you within HR.
  • Refresh the basics: A number of times, HR professionals spend so much time in the field that it might become embarrassing to say “I don’t know”. CHRMP allows you to brush up your skills and raise your professional confidence in your work.
  • Updated Knowledge: CHRMP has been designed by Ripples Learning, a leading organization in the field of Organizational Learning and HRD Consulting. You have access to the latest cutting edge skills in the dynamic world of HR.
  • Excellent Facilitators: You learn from the experienced facilitators of Ripples Learning. These are the same facilitators who regularly conduct training programs for the corporate world, including Fortune 500 companies.

Employer / HR Manager:

If you are an HR Manager / Employer, you can look forward to the following skills:

  • Raised Standards: When you insist on your professional HR staff becoming certified in CHRMP, you help ensure updated HR programs and policies and execution in your organization.
  • Homogenize Knowledge: Various HR professionals in your HR department, from different backgrounds, experiences and qualifications create a natural disparity in the quality of output being delivered. Your best and most sincere people might not be able to add the most value, simply because their degree or their qualifications did not equip them to do so. When you send them for a CHRMP certification, they gain access to the very best in HR skill-base, giving you an ROI many times over.
  • Validate Quality of HR Professionals: When your HR professionals become CHRMP, you are assured of their knowledge and skills and can rest assured know that they will deliver the goods.

Student Testimonials:

Here is what Aparmit Mishra, CHRMP – has to say about his experience I have done MBA in HR from Bangalore Management Academy. The fact which prompted me to join Ripples was the lack of practical knowledge. The course in my college was completely theory driven and only imparted bookish knowledge. After my MBA, I went for some interviews where mostly the practical aspects were asked and I was found wanting there. That is when I heard of Ripples and joined here. Here I was exposed to the nuances of HR practically. I came across some topics like joining formalities, PF, ESI calculations, preparing salary statement and some more. All this has helped me a lot. Here is what Michelle M. Augustine, CHRMP says about her experience Walked in with a disturbed and confused mind and heart and I can assure I am walking out with immense knowledge, exposure and experience in HR and the way it works. I am so glad to have chosen CHRMP to enhance my concepts of HR. Being a business analyst and having 3 years of experience in finance, HR to me was all about setting as an interview and asking questions and trust me not just one but a lot more. But now if I was to speak about HR, I could go on and on about the different facets of HR. Ripples helped both in acquiring the essential knowledge in HR and also createdamazing opportunities to use this fountain of knowledge. The most important factor for effective learning is a good teacher. With a good teacher comes a great beginning. Sir AnimeshRai has been a wonderful tutor with exceptional teaching and counseling skills. He certainly possesses the capability to nurture amateur and confused minds. I am very privileged to have come across a simple yet profoundly knowledgeable sage like him. The concepts of HR have been broken down into simple words, in a language that any layman can understand. I am hoping with every bit of knowledge I have gained here, I will be an effective HR in the days to come. I am sure I will be. With lots of gratitude Here is what Sandhya, CHRMP has to say about her experience It was a great experience that I did this CHRMP course from Ripples Learning Services. I learnt many things from here. The trainers were excellent. Their way of teaching was excellent. I can say whatever I learnt from hereis helping me a great deal in my interviews and I am sure it will definitely help me in my professional life also. Earlier I did not have any knowledge regarding PF, ESI, gratuity, performance appraisal etc. But now I am confident that I can handle this work wherever I go. The trainers really help each and every people to make them understand. They all are friendly including Ripples staff as well. The Ripples team was very friendly and very coordinating. Finally, this course helped me a lot to have in depth knowledge regarding HR. Thanks a lot to all the trainers and to the Ripples team.

Course Outline: Certified Human Resource Management Professional

Introduction and Orientation
Introductions and Welcome To give participants an overview of the Training Program and communicate behavioural parameters while in training. Allow participants to set ground rules
    Setting the context
  • Participant Issues
ILT30 Min
DOMAIN 1: Recruitment and Selection
Class 1: Selection and RecruitmentTo enable trainees to understand how to Get the Best Employees
  • Staffing -- Workforce planning
  • Staffing – Recruiting
  • Staffing -- Outsourcing (having services and functions performed by non-employees)
ILT2 Hours
Class 2:Selection DesignTo enable trainees to understand how organization design Selection
  • Selection Process
  • Standard & Objective tests
  • Types of Tests-Selection Design
ILT2 Hours
Class3:Behavioural Interviewing/ Probing and Conversational SkillsTo equip participants with strategies and skills to elliptic relevant information and details during the process of an interview.
  • Selection Dilemma
  • Selection Errors
  • Behavioural Interviewing Skills
  • Skill Practice
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Funnel Model
  • Probing
  • Types of Questions
ILT2 hours
DOMAIN 2: General HR – Agreements, HR Policies & Performance Management
Class 4:Agreements & Negotiations& Joining FormalitiesTo enable participants to understand HR Laws and Agreements
  • Offer Letter
  • Appointment Letters
  • Negotiations
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Employee Database Management
ILT2 hours
Class 5:HR Policies, Design & ImplementationTo enable participants to understand the Policy Making Process.
  • Importance
  • Designing
  • HR policies
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Up gradation
  • Exercise
ILT2 hours
Class 6:Performance Management and AppraisalsTo enable trainees to understand Performance Management and Performance Appraisals
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Appraisal – Types and Techniques
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Performance Appraisal System
ILT2 hours
DOMAIN 3: Compensation Benefit & Payroll
Class 7:Compensation & Benefits PlanniTo enable participants to understand Compensation & Benefit process.
  • Planning
  • Importance
  • Designing Compensation
  • Salary Trends
  • Emerging Trends
ILT2 hours
Class 8:Compensation & Benefit & PayrollTo enable participants to understand Compensation & Benefit process.
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Non Statutory Compliances
  • Basic, HRA, P.F, ESI, Gratuity, Bonus, LTA, PT, I.T Calculations
  • Designing Salary Slips
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Payroll
ILT2 hours
Class 9:Leave Policy & Excel BasicsTo enable participants to understand the process of granting Leaves.
  • Scope
  • Coverage
  • Types of Leaves
  • Process
  • Designing Holiday List
  • Excel Functions
ILT2 hours
DOMAIN 4: HR Support - Competency Based HRM, Employee Engagement, Learning & Development
Class 10:Job Analysis & Competency Mapping To enable trainees to understand aspects of Job Analysis and Competency Mapping.
  • Job Analysis
  • Sources of Data
  • Job Data
  • Job Descriptions and Job Specification
  • Job Design
  • Competency Mapping
  • Competency Development
  • Competency Based Job Description
ILT2 hours
Class 11:Training and DevelopmentEmployee Development and Enhancement of Human Capital
  • Understanding Training & Development
  • Importance of Soft Skills Training
  • Training Methodologies
  • Training Measurement
  • Training Evaluation
  • L1,L2,L3,L4 Levels
  • Managing Training Delivery
ILT2 hours
Class 12:Employee Relations (ER)To enable trainees to understand fundamental components of Employee Relations.
  • Traditional Concept of Employee Relations
  • Objective of Employee Relations
  • Understanding Hierarchy Needs
  • Employee Relations in relation to Performance
  • Fun at Work
  • Culture and Values
  • Job Satisfaction & Absenteeism
  • Attrition & Retention
  • Exit Interviews & Employee Surveys
  • Employee Branding
ILT2 hours

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
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Bangalore , India

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